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Cities Reimagined is a podcast exploring the crucial role of urban areas in creating more livable, equitable, sustainable and regenerative futures.

Join us as we uncover the stories, both grand and small, that challenge the status quo of “doing” urbanism by proving ideas and actions for reshaping our cities. Through engaging and thought-provoking conversations, we delve into the minds of change makers, visionaries, experts, thinkers, artists, communities and friends who are driving positive change in our cities and beyond.

From regenerative design principles and green infrastructure to community engagement, engaging communities in transformations to interventions in public spaces, and much more, Cities Reimagined brings you the insights and trends that aim to make our cities and the planet a better place, for humans and nature to thrive.

Whether you're an urban enthusiast, a curious listener, or an advocate for change, Cities Reimagined is the platform to explore, question, and participate in to shaping urban areas for the better.

Tune in and join us on this transformative journey of challenging urban paradigms and envisioning the alternatives for the futures that lie ahead.

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Cities Reimagined is hosted, produced and edited by Johannes Riegler

Photo by Max Kienreich.