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#2: Reimagining Just City Making 

with Jim Segers & Sofie van Bruystegem, CityMine(d)
Brussels, Belgium

Whose business is it to shape cities and urban areas and who has the power and resources to reimagine cities? Jim Segers and Sofie van Bruystegem from the Brussels-based NGO CityMine(d) challenge the status quo of who has the right and power to shape urban areas since 1997.

In highly co-creative processes, their aim is to engage residents, particularly in disadvantaged neighbourhoods who are too often excluded from city-making. City Mine(d) is an organisation at the crossroads between architecture, and urbanism activism, but also in the middle between residents, commuters, artists, investors, researchers and policymakers and therefore a medium through which all of these actors can communicate.

Jim and Sofie are true boundary spanners, linking disadvantaged and underserved communities in Brussels with state-of-the-art interventions for transforming urban areas and I am very happy to have them on the Cities Reimagined Podcast.

Photo @Sophie Feyder.

This episode was published on September 2023.

The transcript of this episode is coming soon.