was established by Johannes Riegler in 2023 as the home base of the Cities Reimagined Podcast. What else is there to say about Time will show... but it will have to do with communication and urban learning.

Johannes is an experienced urbanist and geographer specializing in the design of co-creative processes. With over 12 years of expertise, Johannes has established himself as a generalist expert on urban matters across disciplines.

Besides running and hosting and producing the Cities Reimagined Podcast, he is serving as a member of the Management Board for the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership (DUT -, a research and innovation programme led by 28 member states in cooperation with the European Commission. Within DUT, Johannes is responsible for designing and executing multi-actor processes. His approach aims to bring together research communities, public urban administrations, and urban change makers, encouraging collaboration, knowledge exchange, and co-creation of approaches to transform cities towards regenerative and liveable urban environments.

Since March 2024, Johannes has been working as an Innovation Expert with the City of Mechelen, Belgium on the Water as the Source for Urban Public Space project which has received funding from the European Urban Initiative.

Johannes's work extends beyond European borders, as he has been actively engaged in various international endeavours, including projects funded by the European Union. He has worked on activities in diverse locations such as Brazil, China, and Uruguay, showcasing his ability to navigate different cultural landscapes and deliver meaningful outcomes. 

In addition, Johannes has conducted conceptual work on experimental urban governance models, particularly in the area of urban living labs.

Complementing his practical experience, Johannes holds a Master's degree in Urbanism (MA) and a Bachelor's degree in Geography (BSc) from institutions in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, Madrid, Budapest, and Klagenfurt. Furthermore, he is currently pursuing a Master's program in Regenerative Action at Ubiquity University (US).

Photo by Max Kienreich.