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Bonus: The role of DIY Punk Ethics for Shaping Change

with Gerfried Ambrosch, Grassroot Environmentalist
Munich, Germany

On episode 6 of Cities Reimagined, Gerfried Ambrosch and I talked about the importance of wildlife habitats in urban areas. Besides being very active in reimagining places for amphibians, Gerfried plays and played in a ridicelous amount of punk/hardcore bands since the 1990s and he has some stories to tell. Tune into this bonus episode to find out…

🎸 … how DIY punk rock ethics shapes Gerfried’s ambitions and motivations today

🇧🇾 … about sneaking into Belarus in 2005 to play a show just to find yourself in the midst of local right-wing vs. left-wing wars

🏫 … the role of unlearning for societal change

🐸 … why the sounds of frogs and toads are the soundtrack to change the world

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This episode of Cities Reimagined was published in November 2023.

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