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#10: Reimagining Urban Food

Chiara Tornaghi (Leeds, UK) &
Marcella Arruda (São Paulo, Brazil)

As the importance of city foods is growing, this episode of Cities Reimagined is all about the transformative potential of healthy and delicious (urban) cuisine We are jumping back and forth between the favelas of the metropolis of Sāo Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷  and the allotment gardens in Leeds, in the UK 🇬🇧 and will explore how cities are redefining their foodscapes for a sustainable future. 

Today’s guests are 

Be prepared to hear aspects of urban food you might have not considered before:

🍌 What stroganoff made of banana peals has to do with the favelas of São Paulo 

🔍 Why the invisible production of food in cities is a reflection of a broken relationship to the planet

🥬 How agroecological inspires us to integrate aspects of sustainability, biodiversity, ecological balance and community resilience on the topic of food.

🇧🇷 How Marcella’s NGO A Cicade Precisa De Você works with farmers on informal land in the favela of Brasilandia.

🍲 How urban food can contribute to addressing the rising food poverty and what the difference between the UK and Brazil is

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